Day 4: Drambuie

“Pure chance,” said Charlii. “You know nothing about those people.”

“They found me, just as you did.” Balder lifted his gaze to watch as Margaret approached the bar with eyes glazed and sweat on her brow.

Margaret set the half-drunk glass of brandy on the bar. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I know he wants to educate, but I can’t stand the stuff.”

“No apologies,” said Balder. “Let me find you the spirit of contentment.”

Margaret widened her eyes and opened her mouth to speak, but Balder turned his back to her.

Charlii leaned closer to her. “He’s an odd one,” she said. “Haven’t figured him out yet. But your men aren’t hard to read.”

“Hum?” asked Margaret. “John’s a good guy, but thinks he knows everything.”

Charlii nodded her head in understanding. “Like taking credit for YOUR new client.”

Margaret slumped onto the bar stool, folding her arms on the bar, and let out a long, slow sigh. “I worked contacts for the past eight months to get the introductions. Has he said, thanks, once? Nope. And the way Sam is going on, you’d think he was in charge of the project. Beatrice is acting like she’s got a stick up her ass. I know she hates men, but she’s letting it impede her job performance.”

Balder placed a glass of amber liquid in front of Margaret. She nodded thanksthanks continued her conversation with Charlii. “Corey and Jim are eating up everything John and Jim say like it’s gospel. How the hell do I keep this company together?” She took a sip of her drink and closed her eyes. “I mean,” she continued, “I something think they forget…”

Margaret looked at Balder, still standing in front of her. “I like this. What is it?” She held the glass in front of her face. Her brown eyes danced in the golden shimmers of the earth tones liquid. Her eyes traced around and around as though following something in the glass.

“The Bonnie Prince himself drank this on his long, lonely nights. Even without the crown, he laughed in the heather and honey. ‘A drink that satisfies is what’s they say.’ Let the pretenders dance.”

Margaret toasted Balder. “Here, here,” she said. 

Margaret grinned and turned to face the rest of her party. Corey, with a warm grin on her face and her eyes, lifted her glass to Margaret. 

“Back to work,” said Margaret, and she bobbed off the bar seat and went back to table.

“Luck,” said Charlii to Balder.

“As long as it’s good luck,” replied Balder.

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