Day 6: French Sonnet

Back to sonnets today. Maybe because it’s Monday, but I feel like rhyming. Two differences between the French Sonnet as the others I’ve used:

10 syllables per line instead of the 12.

Rhyme scheme: abba cddc effe gg

Prompt: Ekphrastic Poem about Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights.

Morning, noon, and night they wail,
Upon my head and in my soul.
Will they never heed their role?
Oh,  let me rest in this green veil.

It is not their way to cast a doubt.
They feed their bodies and see them not.
How can they see what was never taught?
And so I splash and sing and do not shout.

Let them steal their kisses earned.
Perhaps a hand will paint this scene.
Will he show them on the green?
No eyes to this work will be turned.

There are so few eyes to see beyond
that slimy pit where we were spawned.

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