Day 9: Shadow Sonnet

Back on track, with the poem for Day 9 of NaPoWriMo. Today, I’m playing with Shadow Sonnet. It intrigues me, and I hope it interests you, too. It was a challenge, but how it got the little gray cells charged. Fun!

It can follow any sonnet rhyme scheme, BUT the first and last word of each line is the same word or they are homophones.


Sell your soul to avoid this cell,
Our clock will not wait for your hour.
Tell of your pain as if this were your tale.
Flower your rhymes like a baker with flour.

I stand naked to your eye
For you cannot heed to stand fore.
Poor soul stand and do not pour
Dye to cast aside that you will die.

See the gull fly or’ the sea.
Here I’ll wait to hear, but
Be like a man and not the bee.
We’re waiting to guide like a long build weir.

Peel back the layers as bells peal,
Heal your soul, I will stomp you with my heel.

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