Day 10: Caudate sonnet

Today’s sonnet looks like a Petrachan Sonnet, but it has a tail or a coda. I found many “rules” for creating sonnets. Most agree it starts with Petrarchan Sonnet scheme. I’m following this rhyme scheme, because I liked it.

abbaabba cdcdcd (Petrarchan) + dee (coda)

I’m not using today’s NaPoWriMo prompt, but I will expound on my previous Petrachan Sonnet.

My tree hides secrets close and dear.
It holds the shadows of the day,
And breaks the night with its giant splay.
Concealed within its sacred biosphere,
There is no need to be cavalier.
Do not stand as some unwanted emigre.
Shower whispers into branches as though you were an essay  
The tree will bend and mould and cast you near.

Touch the massive roots and leaves of green,
But beware the great brown trunks entwined with thorn.
The tree will whisper soothing words meant to wean
You to sleep beneath its branches worn
As once where slept the May Queen
Where the lost and lonely to their hearts were born.

If you listen, the wind will warn,
Ride the winds and feel the sun.
Rest in darkness and be done.

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