Day 9: Jagermeister

Tom looked at the front door as a beautiful woman entered. She slid off her coat, allowing her figure to glimmer in the black and green dress of beads and silk. Silver gold poured from her head in long locks, luscious and curled. Lips, red and full, smiled as diamond eyes glided around the room to stop on Tom.

Charlii saw the woman and put her head down. The woman glided across the room, stopping in from of Sam. She pushed her way between Sam and Tom.

“Good night for drink,” she said, her voice singing the rhythm of the room.

“Yes,” said Sam. He turned to face the bar and motioned to Balder.

“What do you think about this one,” Charlii whispered before Balder walked away from her.

“St. Hubertus, of course,” he replied. “But she’ll make no purchase.”

Charlii watched as Balder approached Sam and the woman. Sam’s face wore a forced smile. His eyes darted from Balder to the woman. His cheeks pink and turning red.

And then Charlii noticed Tom. He bowed his head and turned to walk away from the bar.

“Tom,” said Sam, his voice scratching. “Hang on a sec.” He turned and walked away from the bar with Tom. The two found a table in the back of the bar.

Balder pulled a tall, black bottle with green trim from the back and placed it and a glass, frosted and shivering, in front of the woman.

“Perhaps St. Hubertus is taking the night off,” said Balder as he poured the brown liquid, sending steam rising from the glass.

The woman picked it up and drank it in one shot. “The night is young,” she said.

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