April’s shower of words didn’t fall where planned

But that’s okay. I’m still enjoying creating sonnets and stories for Balder. Why did I stop? Life happened. I realize that while staying indoors is what I do most days, my weekend “dates,” writers meetings, impromptu coffee with other writers had me out of the house more than I realized. So, all this joking about writings not noticing the quarantine are not as funny as they were when I first heard them. Still, it looks like I’m holding up better than some people I know. And wouldn’t you know it, my head finally wraps around staying inside and our state is about to reopen – partially? I won’t change my current lifestyle. The experts agree that COVID cases will spike in the coming weeks. We may be ordered to self-quarantine again.

Where am I with my sonnets? 

  • Phase one of edits: Correct meter to match traditional and/or required meter for each type. 
  • Sharpening the “volta” or turn most sonnets require (traditionally). 

I’ll post the updates when I like what I’m seeing.

Where’s Balder and all his customers? 

  • He’s explaining Rye to his latest customers.

Since I slowed down on April’s writing challenges, I began work on a new short story, and surprise (NOT) it centers on pandemics/disease.  I’m also organizing Midnight Bites (the last book in the Midnight Whispers series). 

All things considering, April has proven a productive month.

Good health and peace be with you.

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