More Tales from Balder the Bartending Bard: Qi

Balder took a glass down from a shelf. “Action is where you want it,” he said. “Perhaps what you seek is what you want and not what you need.”

The woman, so beautiful, Charlii couldn’t help but stare at her, laughed. 

“You are the expert in wants and needs,” she said.

Balder pulled a bottle with a gold, amber liquid and poured it in the glass for the woman. “You’re wrapped in a chi of adventure but your eyes tell me your chi wants rest.”

The woman lifted the glass to her nose. She breathed in and held her breath. After a slow exhale, she tilted the glass to her lips. “Tea and sympathy,” she whispered.

“I’m a bartender,” he replied. “What else should I offer?”

The woman laughed a laugh that filled the room with bells. She leaned over the bar, reaching for Balder’s face. As her fingers traced the edges of of his face, she stopped laughing. With a sigh, she said, “Yes, a night to rest, reflect.” 

The woman walked back to the table where she had been sitting. 

“What was that about?” asked Charlii.

Balder smiled. “An excuse not to prowl.”

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