More Tales from Balder the Bartending Bard: Yeast

“I’ve been here all evening and not written a single word,” said Charlii, setting her glass on the bar in front of her.

Balder said nothing as he folded a white cloth and rubbed the counter top.

Charlii turned in her bar stool to look around the room. Her old friend, Toby, still sat with his head close to the beautiful woman in green sipping coffee. Setting his cup down, he noticed her looking at them and smiled to Charlii. Charlii saw a gleam in his eye she had not seen in a long time. 

Phillip and Lilla huddled close as tears welled in eyes but no longer rolled down cheeks and hands loosed their grips around glasses and fingers reached but did not touch. Lilla lifted her head. Charlii watched her red lips tighten from frown to grimace even as her eyes twinkled like the flames of the candle before her.

Of all the Beras’s only Zoe leaned back in her chair, allowing her head to lean back to stare at the ceiling. As she straightened, she noticed Charlii looking at her and raised her glass in a toast before turning back to her husband and in-laws.

From the back of the room, Martin’s laugh spilled over the room. Shelly giggled, her cheeks a bright pink, and Gomez sipped his drink. Charlii saw the old man’s eyes laughing, seeing another time and place. He turned his gaze to Charlii and winked at her.

Jakub lifted his hand to stop Josh from speaking. Josh turned to look at Charlii looking at him. He smiled and waved, then returned his attention back to the old men.

“The fairies dance with whom they wish,” said Balder, leaning on the bar near Charlii. “Each begins her dance in the flotsam of waste. They wait, unable to see through the murk of what is. The fairies begin as one but as they dance in the waste of what they see, they seek to gleam in the eyes that hope, to taste of possibilities, and to desire for one more dance before the waste is gone.”

Charlii fingered the pen in her fingers, wondering when she had pulled out her old, trusted notebook. As the pen touched the page, words flowed.

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