Decreased Word Count, Increased Waist Line

Coincidence? I think not.

One thing I’ve learned over the years: The healthier I am, the more I write. The revers is also true. 

Unfortunately, I have a Primary Immunodeficiency or PI. (I was born without a fully functioning immune system), thus there are days when my word count in zero.  

I work to stay as healthy as I can. As my waistline increases, I’m prone, just like you, to ill health. The waistline is something I can control. And if I can control my waistline, I can keep my word count up.

My friend, Mary, recently created an inspiring blog. So first, a big THANK YOU, Mary for sharing. Your words are working. I’m setting up a schedule and you’ll keep me on it.  A Step in the Right Direction

Starting this week, I stop overeating, and I do my exercises. When I’m healthy and doing well, I write for two, two-hour sessions on a novel, and then there is time for blog writing, short story writing, and poetry writing.

I’m already back to walking five miles a day, five days a week. My goal is to build up to six days a week.

But I’m too wordy. Here are my new daily goals:

  • Two one-hour sessions per day on my novel (except Mondays) – must finish Midnight Bites.
  • One hour per day on other writing projects (TBD on Mondays when I set my schedule)
  • Yoga – I love yoga and I’ve been missing it. – Fifteen minutes per day. 
  • Weight training – I also enjoy weight training, but it’s not that uncommon for me to let that slip. A full-body workout, two days per week, plus physical therapy exercises three times per week.
  • Eat better – No more between meal meals. 

If I do all the above, then I will get my word count back up and can finish Midnight Bites. Hopefully the waistline will recede a bit and I won’t have to buy new jeans.

The best time to get started is when you’re ready. Who else is ready?

2 thoughts on “Decreased Word Count, Increased Waist Line”

  1. I have that connection too. The mind-body connection is real. Though I have to admit that the pain sometimes allows me to write better. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I confess that your lariat is tighter than mine. However, I have not been writing as much of anything as I would like. So…
    Today I renewed doing morning pages (like journaling). I discovered I have not done them for 20 months. Three pages by hand. If I write no more, I got that done (300 to start).
    I’ve added art stuff to my oeuvre (drawings and watercolor). The result is I am always coming up short on something. Then I go read something. I will never finish. 🙂 At the end of the day, it is just the end of a day.

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