Week 1: Making Changes

I’ve made my 5 miles/day – almost, but I’ll get at least 25 miles in by EOD Saturday. That’s an agreeable change.

Rain, online/live meetings are interfering my schedule this week, but I’m making my changes including adding daily exercises and yoga. My fitness plan is going well at the end of week one.

I continue to work on my novel. I’m using with Aeon Timeline (such a cool tool!) to make sure the multiple story lines are working in “real” time. My characters reference historical events, and I am missing up timelines. My heart is telling me to set aside the details and finish the draft. Once done with the draft, I can go back and fix the timelines.

COVID numbers are rising in Texas, so I’m  adjusting my schedule to NOT go to the market. Curbside service works well at my local grocery stores. More time to write. 

My calendar has a big note on 1 July to call for beta readers for Midnight Bites. I will miss that goal, but I will spend the next week working only on the novel. Maybe I’ll be ready to call for beta readers in another week. I’m setting aside the short story I’m working on for my WIP group. Completed novel in sight: Full Steam Ahead! 

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Despite a few sore muscles, after a week of regular exercises, I feel good.

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