What’s New This Week

Didn’t have the best of weekends. Chronic fatigue slammed me to the couch all weekend, but it’s not as bad today. I missed Sunday’s sessions in an online writing conference and my Saturday morning writing group. I managed a wee walk Saturday morning. It wore me out (therefore missing my writer’s meeting), but the two miles pushed me over the thirty mile mark for the week. While frustrating, at least I got it done.

Unless I’m pasted to the couch today, I’m up-ing my daily routine just enough to feel like I’m moving forward. 

  • Walking: Five miles per day for at least 25 miles this week.
  • Workout: Increase to two sets instead of one. Last week was all about learning the new exercises to do them correctly. 
  • Yoga: Continue with fifteen minutes per day.
  • Eat better – I had a couple of slip-ups over weekend: Went to Starbucks, but since it was only once: A record for me. 
  • Writing schedule: I’m only working on my novel, Midnight Bites, this week. Well, that and wee notes for the blog. Last week, I produced 1500 new words. This week, I will do more.

This is where I am. How are you doing?

One thought on “What’s New This Week”

  1. I hope you are feeling better. It has been a very difficult two weeks (emotionally), but I am physically okay. I walk at least 2 miles most days (4x per week) and since our pools are opening (reservations required), I get to swim 30-45 minutes 2 or 3 times per week. I need to do more with stretching and weights (strength). As for writing and art (drawing and painting), I do as much as I feel like. If I think about the amount, it will never be enough. Trying to post a poem each Saturday and Tuesday. Take care. Miss you.

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