Timeout to Focus

The holiday weekend is almost upon us, not that we can hang out with friends and family around the pool or on the beach or in the park or gather to watch fireworks. Next year will be even more grand. I will not argue here concerning the wearing of masks or social distancing. There are so many on both sides shouting at each other these days, it’s impossible to hear anyone.

There is a famous (maybe cliche) saying about the best-laid plans going astray. It certainly applies to me this week. A wee slowdown on my back to fitness routine is discouraging, but I’m not giving up. This week, I have yet to check off all items on my daily to-do list. While annoying, it is not discouraging me from making my self-imposed writing deadlines. These things and others have convinced me to take time out to focus.

Starting today, I am setting aside all social media (blog included) efforts for the next two weeks. I will return on 16 July.

Enjoy the holiday weekend: May it be safe and filled with joy.  See you in two weeks.

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