Changing One Day at a Time

Total words written this week: 5800. (Estimating today’s total word count.) That averages to 1000/day. I’d like to do 2000/day. I’m moving the right direction, hence the squirt of chocolate in my afternoon latte. Most of those words were went to Midnight Bites, as I intended, but I put in just under 1000 words and considerable time on a novel idea I’ve had in my head for some time. Part of me wants to dive into, but the business side of me is telling me to finish Midnight Bites. 

A quandary! I turned in the pages for the new novel (no working title) to my WIP group. Not sure if I should spend much time on it, so I’m taking a few days to think about it.

Pleased to report that I had a solid four days in a row of yoga classes and workouts. Woke up early enough for a pleasant walk today, but errands and chores meant that I couldn’t workout until after lunch, and after lunch, a serviceman will be here. So, I’m calling off today’s workout as a reward for four days in a row. In yoga, we call this ahimsa – kindness, including to self. Only four days of classes, and the mindset is already kicking in.

Altogether, I feel good entering this weekend. Quarantine may continue, but that doesn’t mean I can’t strive for something new. What new thing are you moving toward?

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