Off Week

Having an off week isn’t always a choice, but what are we going to do? Sometimes, we just have to put our hiking boots on and go where the road leads. Been under the weather since Sunday (not COVID), and reading, walking, and doing just about anything well is especially difficult. As usual, I fought it for a couple of days. Now that I’ve let my body do what it wants; rest, I’m edging back to normal. 

I could complain and fuss and fill this page about how life isn’t fair. However, 

  • That would make for boring reading.
  • It would serve neither you nor me in the course of our daily lives.
  • I would be surrendering to self-pity and abandoning the pursuit of a writing career.

Instead, let this be a lesson in living well. 

Sometimes we walk the path we chose. Sometimes we walk the path forced on us. At all times – Keep walking.

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