Best Laid Plans

Never been much of a car person, but when I found this ’39 Lincoln Zephyr, I said, “I want that!:

Just under 1800 words written this week (not including this post), and that’s okay. Today, I almost feel human again. There was a time I’d be ashamed to say I wrote less than 2000 words a day, but no more. The only way to stay sane is to accept the moment for what it is: I’m in a weakened state but recovering. What will the word count be next week? I’ve increased my daily goal to 1500 per day. I know I can do it. 

Added to my “writing list” this week, is Caroline Donahue’s free course “Write Free.” She’s offering it for free as a beta run. This course concentrates on letting the creative flow by releasing those “demons” we hold deep inside inhibiting free-flowing creativity. Truth statement: I’m a firm believer in the importance of good mental health, but I’ve never subscribed too many of the techniques and hoopla of the industry to cure all means of inhibitions. In good faith, I am performing the exercises and focusing on the thought processes involved in releasing my creative flow. So far, I’m impressed with Caroline’s enthusiasm and optimism in self healing. The first 5 five days of this twenty-eight-day course have me giving it the thumbs up. 

Thus do I end the work week. May your creative flow with ease.

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