New Week: New Goals

I’m ready to take on a new week. How about you? 

I’m sticking to my planned writing schedule of 1000 words per day.  My original plan put me at 1500 per day, but with last week’s hiccup, I’m playing it cool. 

I purchased new walking shoes the other day and used them this morning. Wow! Walking felt sooooo much better than it has for a while. It’s easy to forget how important good shoes are. Can you recall the last time you got new shoes for walking/running/daily use?

I did a bit or research. Those in the know say to replace our daily wear shoes every 8-12 months. Our walk/run shoes need replacing every 3 months. No wonder my feet were hurting! 

I’ve added a new daily goal: At least one hour per day on a craft project. I used to love doing needlework, but in the last few years, I’ve let projects sit in a basket untouched. About the time quarantine started, I purchased plans for a new project and worked on it diligently. As much as I enjoy it, I let it slide. No more: I enjoy it too much. A little time every day doing something fun and useless to anyone but me, keeps my mind alert and my shoulders relaxed. 

How about you? What are your goals this week? Will you do something new this week – just because you can?

Working on project, and already thinking about the next.

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One thought on “New Week: New Goals”

  1. Kathrine,
    Good luck with the words. Yes, I bought a new pair for walking about two years ago. I have others. A pair for rain and mud (7 to 8 years old) and some trail hikers (used for several marathons) that are over 10 years old. Last year, I wrote a poem to a pair I tossed. Even when I was training and running 40+ miles per week, I wore shoes until the wheels fell off.
    Nothing ‘new’ this week. Walking, swimming, one flash fiction to prompt, one or two poems, make progress on some water colors and sketches, eat, breath, drink, discuss, and basically ‘hang in there.’ Survive Texas in August 🙂

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