Something Learned

We made it through another work week, a little older than we were on Monday, and maybe a little wiser. I call that a good week.

I had an interesting two days with the WordPress Summit. It felt good listening to ordinary people who have become successful by trying something new. Yes, they were selected to speak at the summit because they are using WordPress, but the most important thing is that they tried something new. Without that simple three-lettered word t-r-y, there is nothing to accomplish. 

Oh, and I also learned about some tools in WordPress I can use to make my site more accessible. 

I was surprised how tired I was by the end of day two, almost as tired as if I’d been in a conference hall. That’s a good sign: I learned! 

Despite the two days of conference, I kept up with my exercises, which means I’m not near as sore from sitting as I would be if the conference had been face-to-face, but my word count is dismal – not unexpected. I cannot feel upset about it, because I learned.

So, what about you? Did you learn something new this week – other than how to be you?

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