I hate writing blurbs!

Don’t you hate it when logic and common sense impose themselves on our angsts and fears.

I’m supposed to take this novel I’ve spent months (or more) writing, editing, molding and tell you about it in as few words as possible. I’d say impossible, but then I look to the writers I’m fond of and realize they hooked me into reading their books with blurbs. Different people define blurbs differently. I brake the ones I’m talking about today into two types:

One or two sentence blurbs for the online shoppers (or those you meet standing in line at the coffee shop) to pique their interest and say, “That’s cool. Tell me more.”

Here are three lines I’m working on for Midnight Bites.

  1. A vampire, a werewolf, and an ex-FBI agent walk into a bar: No joke, this team is out for more than blood.
  2. Special Agent takes on a new meaning when a monster threatens the peace of Austin. Only one person can lead the team of werewolves and vampires to justice.
  3. No one messes with the weirdness of Austin without every vampire and werewolf taking up arms to defend it. It takes a Special Agent to lead the fight.

And then there’s the back of book blurb – a paragraph or two summarizing the novel without giving away the ending. It should make the online shoppers (or those standing next to you) to say, “Hey, I want to read that book. Let me buy it right now.”

Here are two back-of-book blurbs I’m working on for Midnight Bites.

  1. Another murder hardly warrants a mention on the nightly news, but when the victim is a child, Austin’s law enforcement swirls into action. Not what Max wants or needs. He’s been pursuing this killer for over a hundred years. He knows the Monster is near, but how is a hard working Vampire supposed to catch such a fiend with so many eyes watching him?
  2. CC thought she understood the nuances of living with unHumans. After all, she lives with a werewolf and her best friend is a vampire, but a new monster threatens Austin. She may have put away her Special Agent badge. but her skills are the one thing that will prevent the destruction of the peace of Austin and bring justice to the grieving.

I’ve got a long way to go before any of these are ready, but what do you think? Any of these spark your interest? 

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