Spending the Time to Market

I’ve put it off long enough: I’m attending the Free Fiction Marketing Academy this week and learning all sorts of stuff about marketing. Like most free seminars, webinars, conferences for writers, my inboxes are filling up with hints and tips from the speakers. I expected to this, and I’m happy to read and consider all the information they’re giving me until I discover who resonates with me. 

The format for this conference differs from others I’ve attended. The host, Brian Berni, recorded talks with each speaker, and he posts five to eight recordings each day. I get twenty-four hours to watch these sessions. (Lifetime access is available for these sessions for a fee.) Instead of feeling pressured to watch these sessions in one day, I feel like I’m at a real conference attending breakout sessions at my convenience. Since I can’t watch today’s recordings tomorrow, I’m watching them all each day they’re released. Well, I’m watching most of them. Just like any conference, there are a few I have no interest in attending, and there were two I “walked out of” because the speakers failed to connect with me.

Brian suggested each attendee take notes and make a punch list of things to do based on the information I’m getting. And you know what: I am creating a punch list and (when the conference is over), I’ll organize the items and give them all a try.

#1 Takeaway from all of this: Dedicate time each week to marketing.

If you write and need a handle on how to market yourself, check out the Fiction Market Academy. Hopefully, they’ll put together other free conferences. If you’re like me, I need the free stuff for now. I’ll need the services these folks are selling later (fingers crosses),  and when I do, I know who I will ask.

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