Chill – Complaining’s Okay, but…

No one accuses me of being Pollyanna, nor do I. That being said, I need to shout, “Chill!” 

It’s terrible being stuck at home day in and day out. Don’t stop complaining. It feels good to shout and swear and release built up tensions. As long as we’re sitting at home complaining, we’re ensuring one less person ends needs a ventilator to live.

It’s incredibly inconvenient not to dash to the grocery store when you realize you’re out of coffee. Don’t stop complaining about it. The drive through at my local Starbucks is now the busiest in the city. Baristas at the drive-through window are in masks working, learning, and smiling (genuine smiles are in the eyes, not behind the masks, and yes, they are smiling) every time I drive through. They’re safe, working, and paying their bills. 

Does it not take forever to get groceries these days. First, you place the order on an app, then you have to get in your car, and only then can you drive up and have someone load them in the car. Seriously! Where’s the fun of dodging screaming children running in front of your cart, worn out checkers asking, “Do you know how much this is?” followed by “Price check, please” over the intercom, and where’s the thrill of finding new scratches on the car from runaway carts? Complain about it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of complaining. Our lives changed in 2020. They will never be what they were, but isn’t living all about change? Sure, it’s hard, but that’s the adventure. I cannot tell every barista, cashier, shopper, or delivery worker how much I appreciate them, but I can try. 

Let me add, I’m glad you are who you are doing what you’re doing. This is how I end 2020: With gratitude and ready to face the challenges of 2021.

Thank you,

Medical professionals

First responders

USPS, UPS, FedEx and everyone out there delivering packages to my door. Do these folks fly or what? 

The shoppers at my local grocery stores

All techs and managers working overtime (and a home with the kids and pets running around barking) allowing me and my friends to meet/chat/and hangout online.

Just because I cannot see you or talk to you, doesn’t mean I don’t know you’re out there. You are the true heros of a county feeling a little lost right now. You are the people who prove what hard work and care can do. 

Thank you

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3 thoughts on “Chill – Complaining’s Okay, but…”

  1. Change is the law of nature wheather we like it or not…2020 has been rough but it has definitely taught us how to live our life from now on and be grateful to what we have..nice post here..

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