Meet Eugene

I’d like to introduce Ms. Eugene Plumb, a character in Midnight Bites. Since she introduced herself to me, I’ve liked her, and she’s made herself essential to the conclusion of Midnight Bites. 

She’s tall, thin, and loves to show off her tattoos. Her mother is a world famous tattoo artist. Eugene will give you the cash in her wallet, she’ll back you in a fight, no questions asked, and she’ll pick you off the side of the street when your new friends dump you there. There are two things you should always remember when talking to her: Never call her Geni – she hates that nickname, and she’s a Werewolf. 

“It wasn’t my fault!” What was I supposed to do? Let him go?

Besides, no one knew it was me. That picture was all dark and blurry. And who’s going to take a pic on a wolf running down The Strip seriously? It was a slow news day, that’s the only reason they showed on television. Okay, so it swung through twitter and someone on Instagram cleaned it up. No one knows it was me.

Well, my dad knew it was me. Totally wigged him out. 

I so miss Vegas. Loved it there. You should see the glass studio I worked at; all the last tools, the best glass and gas you can get, and work streaming in. Yes, it was a lot of neon, but I like neon. Got great tips when I worked the bars in the casinos. 

Mrs. Smith was pissed. She runs Vegas, but you know that. Anyway, I get home from chasing that- oh; I don’t know what to call it, and I got like a dozen goons standing at my front door. Thought for sure I was dead. I mean, it was like seven in the morning; the sun was just up, and – well, maybe not a dozen of them – but they were big, tough types. They knew I’d be spent from the night. If not, I would have kicked their asses out of my place. 

So, like they don’t say please, they just say get in the car. I figure for sure I’m dead, but I get to her place, and they put me in this real, posh room and tell me to sleep. Right! I’m going to sleep in a casino run by them. But the shower was nice, and the bed was soft. I wake up with a huge dinner is brought in for me. This gets me thinking, maybe they don’t want me dead. And who walks into my room just as I’m hitting the chocolate cake, my dad.

Says he saw the picture and before he could act, gets a call to come get me. Still can’t believe he got him on an airplane. Thinks it’s unnatural to fly. Can you believe that? Turns out, the vamps only picked me up to hide me. So, I’m thinking all I have to do is lie low a few days, and all will be cool. Nope. 

She sends me here, to Austin, Texas. Home of cowboys, oil wells, and a university. Dad and Mrs. Smith figure it’s time for me to finish my MFA. I get into town and find out I’m already enrolled. Seriously! No one knew it was me. It wasn’t my fault!

So, maybe other things are going on. Turns out Mary Midnight had a hand in me coming here, too. Never figured Mary even knew I existed. Not such a good thing being known by Mary, or so I’m told, but there it is. What’s a wolf to do? 

I don’t know. Austin, it’s not too bad: It’s like edgy in a laid back sort of way. The cafe where I work is pretty cool. It’s got a mean sort of vamp running the kitchen. You gotta try his croissants. OMG! You’ll die for them. Not literally die. You know what I mean.

Turns out the SOB I was chasing down the Strip is now in Austin. I almost had him last time. He won’t get away this time.

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