NaPro Day 2

Continuing this month’s theme: Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon.

Sister dances beneath the tree
Upon the hill, beyond the square,
Where all are sure to see.
Little sister stared in wonder, before her dance began.
But now she does not dance but dangles
Her face turned black, it is not sweet.
Her eyes popped wide for crows to feast.
Her tongue fell out bitten in two.

We sisters three stood tall that day
Before the kirk, before the men, 
before a judgment, they would derive.

Sister danced upon a Sunday,
A sin they said.
To contract with ruin,
To plague the town with waste and sickness bleak.
She would not bow her head,
And now she dangles from the tree.

Little sister laughed out loud,
When matron slipped and fell.
A sin they said,
The contract signed,
For matron died that Sunday.

My feet remain upon the ground,
I dance when none can see.
When Sister Moon blinds her eye,
When temperate winds do blow,
I hear the song of Mother Earth and my feet will follow time.

I sang that day a song so sweet
Tears filled the pews to lakes.
The men prayed and bowed their heads,
Having never heard the sounds of life.

I walk the earth in sun and rain, 
But fly at Evensong.
No witches ever hung in that tree,
This I know, and now you know.
Upon that town I danced the curse
And now their fears to rule the nation.
Who but I and Sister Moon could tell this tale this day?
For we dance with in the Shadows,
Where even Sister Moon cannot see.

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