NaPro Day 4

The moon rides high,
The cold falls low,
Leaves shake with fear of frost.

On tippy-toes in silent night,
A little girl laughs with gee
To see the moonlight dance between the trees.

A little boy steals away
To run and dance and play
With moonlight, stars, and ancient trees.

Together they dance and play,
Moon and girl and boy
Until the call of sleep draws all.

The full moon blushes
The phlox bloom bright
As Spring breaks frost and bonds.

A young girl dances
Singing songs
For earth and sky and moon.

On the heels of dusk
A young boy runs
Through field and dale to trees.

The Strawberry moon
Shines abundance
thought giving way to Sun.

The woman dances under moon
Blythe through shadows quick
Hands clasped with blushing love.

A man enchanted bows to love
Leaps and twirls and laughs
Hands clasped with blushing love

As the Full Corn Moon rises high above
The wind cools brows
Wet and weary.

A woman walks the hills
Reaching rustling leaves.
She circles shadows with moon.

A man walks behind
Holding hands to dance
And sings the songs of love.

The Hunters Moon wanes low and long
Children wake from dancing lights
And ghosts who dance in moonbeams.

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