NaPro Day 6

What or Who is under your bed?

When the moon hangs low,
	And the rafters creak,
When the screech of the owl calls,
Will you wake to say hello,
	To the monster under your bed?

He sleeps all day,
	Hiding in shade,
	Waiting for your return.
He wakes at dusk
	With clicking claws,
	Biding for glimpse of you.

You’re gleaming face,
	You’re frightened eyes,
Are all he wants to see.
Say hello, and he’ll run away,
But follow if you can.

Into the night where the moon hangs low,
Where the oak tree stands alone
You’ll dance to the time of clicking claws
You’ll dance and sing with the owl.

But stay in bed, 
	And cover your head,
		And waitings all you’ll ever do. 

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