NaPro Day 26

I might be out of the running for every day posts, but I keep going.

Hell to pay in the witching hour,
When the good have gone to bed.
The devil dances to the tune,
Sung by you and me.
And where he steps the moonbeam’s glance
Across the shadows that they make.
To the rhythm, to the beat,
You know it well and sing so soft.
Silence is the aria,
A ballad with long repose,
And still you smile to sing the song,
Until with clap,
The shot rings out,
Another falls,
And still the devil dances
Singing such sweet songs.
Join the circle, clasp the hands,
Let the melody play on.
Together, blind to shadows flight. 
Thus we stand,
And Unatoned.
Who calls the tune? 
Hear again the clap,
Let the shot ring out.
It is your tune we sing.

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