Time to Stop in order to Start

Did I plan to stop writing for almost a whole month? No. Evidently my brain shut down for a while. My word count was the lowest it’s been in over a year. May is not improving, sort of on purpose. However, I will not fuss or beat myself up about it: That serves no purpose. Instead, I spent a day reflecting and meditating on my why I have not been writing. 

April (and May) has been full of intentional and unintentional breaks:

  • Got both my COVID vaccine shots and remained quarantined for two weeks to protect myself and my neighbors.
  • Felt allergies develop into another sinus infection. (Blah!)
  • Left Austin to visit my mom after a long absence. (Nothing like being with mom.)
  • Flew to visit my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. (And had a great time!)

Now, it’s time to focus and get back to a “normal” routine that includes writing daily. So, for one week: no blogging, no social media, no newsletters – nothing but writing/editing for a solid week. 

Goal: Have a solid draft of Midnight Bites ready for line edit by 21 May. After that, I will send the draft to my editor.

My last focus week was in January. While I reached my word count goal, I did not complete drafting Midnight Bites. The story keeps going and going and going. Enough! 

I’ll miss you all over the next week, but I’ll be back. Cross your fingers I return reporting: Draft done.


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