Keep the Creative Juices Flowing

I’m super focused on completing the next stage of my novel. The to-do list is slowly (painfully slow) diminishing. To prevent stagnation, I’m making time for other projects and keeping in contact with my writing groups. 

Don’t stagnate: Circulate

If you enjoy writing, make sure you join at least one writing group. They’re wonderful inspiration and support.

Here’s a plug for the Shut Up and Write Organization. Check them out by clicking here: Each month they provide a week of prompts to use any way you want. This month’s challenge is all about image. Maybe I’ll have something from these prompts to share with you next time. Maybe not, but I’m dedicating thirty minutes a day to the project, and after those thirty minutes, it’s easy to shift into editing mode to work on Midnight Bites.

I wrote the following poem during one of my recent writing group get together (still online). I liked it during the session, and I continue to work on it. The more I work on it, the more I realize this poem was a letter not just for me.

Dear writer,
Long are the days of summer’s heat.
May teases us with early sun and sunsets cool and long.
June waits with patience.
Earth’s colors inspire,
	Blue bonnets, red poppies, golden shades of sun.
Spring flaunts her green,
	Flowing in the breeze,
	Cooling tired feet
	Resting weary heads.

When the days turn long,
When the sun pounds upon our heads,
	The earth dries brown,
	Grasses shrivel.
Sip another coffee,
	In the cool of a cafe.
	Let the sun beat the window
	And tease your words with care.

Let your words paint the scene,
Beyond what eyes can see.

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  1. Haha, I totally relate to the slowly-diminishing to-do list. Even editing one chapter can sometimes seem impossible for the day. But that’s taught me how important taking the small daily steps are. Thanks for sharing!

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