My August Short Story Challenge

On track! I said I would write one new short story or finish an existing short story each week in August. At the time of posting this, I have four completed new short stories. I assumed I would pick up an incomplete one – that would be the fastest thing to do – but no; I created new ones. 

I’ll run each through my WIP group and make changes based on their feedback, and then I’ll send these to my editor. Planning something special with these stories: More on that later.

Inspiration: In my last post, I asked what inspires stories. Let me share how these stories came about.

  • I sat down. 
  • I read through my folders of incomplete shorts.
  • I wrote. 

That’s it. It’s amazing that when there is a notice on my calendar and daily to-do list, I do it.

We writers like to think of ourselves as free-spirits, following our Muse, and going with the flow, but just like any other job, we must produce words – the right amount by a certain time – or we are not doing our job. 

Still not putting words on the page, try this:

  • Set a date and time on your calendar to write.
  • Write what you want to accomplish: Make certain to place this note in a place you cannot avoid seeing it. Better yet, set the alarm on your phone.
  • Do it. Not sure where to start, let your fingers lead. Your brain will turn the words into a story. After all, you are a free-spirit, Muse following, going with the flow type of person. 

If it helps, think of me looking over your shoulder. You don’t want me saying, “Tut, tut, tut. Better get to work.” 

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