September Looking Good

Would love to say August ended in a bang, but it sort of fizzled out. Had a wonderful time visiting with family last weekend, but hated flying with a mask on all day. Necessary, I know. I did it without complaint, but I’m looking forward to the day I can travel without a mask.

Completed my August short story challenge with SIX (instead of four) stories complete and ready for my WIP group to read. I’m pleased with four of the stories. Not too sure about two of them. I’ll wait for feedback from the WIP on those.

Oh, and the reviews from my Beta Readers on Midnight Bites are coming in this week. I’m so ready to get my fingers editing, or should I say, I’m ready to get my teeth back into Bites. Haha.

So, overall, August was a good month. It just ended with a blah. Allergies hit hard this week, and instead of having a couple of oatmeal days, I’ve got an oatmeal week. Oh well.

Next time, I expect to have a list of projects to talk to you about, including an ETA for getting Midnight Bites published.


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6 thoughts on “September Looking Good”

  1. Indeed it is September. It is disguising itself as August with high temps in the upper 90s. My goal for September is October. 🙂 Glad you are doing better.

  2. Nice. Sep started more like a roller coaster for me. With kids on a short week-long vacation now, temperatures on the up and up, and Covid cases rising once again, it’s a heady concoction to say the least! Wish I had your short-story writing groove when it comes to rewriting my own book drafts though. Sighhh..any tips how to keep my nose to the grindstone?

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