Not a Total Wash Out

I’ve declared September as Oatmeal Month, but I am getting words on the page – just at a slower pace than normal. Life with chronic disease.

Last week, I realized how much I appreciate my iPad and iCloud. They allow me to stretch out, write a few words, doze a little, stare at the idiot box, read a little, and then restart. The whole time, my home Wi-Fi and Scrivener keep my desktop, phone, and iPad synched and ready for use no matter where I am or how I feel.

During my unscheduled downtime, I’ve had time to read and think about marketing. There’s a creative side to marketing I’m just now recognizing. I did some brainstorming, and here’s what I’m thinking of doing to market the Midnight Whispers series: Use my short stories as marketing tools. I’m just this side of deciding to make 2022 my year for marketing, or maybe I’ve finally talked myself into treating writing as the business it is. 

Once my head has cleared of the current set of allergens, I’ll work on the details. I’m excited to share my plan and get your input – just as soon as I have a plan.

Hint: Marketing has a lot to do with email list. Think about subscribing now. I promise not to bombard you with junk.

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2 thoughts on “Not a Total Wash Out”

  1. I’m so envious of you. First, you tell me you have too many words. Then now you tell me you spend time thinking about marketing. I am pretty crappy at marketing my books, that’s for sure. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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