Fall Words?

In fact, I make a point of reading a few blogs every day. They keep me connected to the world outside of my little COVID hibernation and Zoom tired writers’ meetings. Interestingly, many bloggers are writing about writer’s block and blog burnout. Makes me think September is creative block month. Good think October arrived on schedule. Is it the time of year? Are Fall allergies hitting everyone so hard, like me, that writing is too much a chore to do? Or is it something else?

No doubt, Fall has something to do with it, but not the allergies. Fall, for most of the Western Hemisphere, shines in its ability to morph the most common scenery into a snug blanket of warm colors waving in cool sunshine. I envy those who witness this. Here in Texas, Fall slides in undetected from the living room window. One day green fills the view as sun blasts through the glass to burn faces. The next day, a sneeze, a couch, a sniffle, and half the trees are bare of leaves and the sun shines through a mild, dry breeze, whispering with mild temperatures and cool morning walks. Those of us not sneezing, coughing, and sniffling too much are out walking in the mornings. Some of us sat outside for an hour too long yesterday chatting with friends and woke with even more sneezing, coughing, and sniffling.   

What does this have to do with writer’s block and blog blues? EVERYTHING! Enjoy Fall. Wrap yourself in its colors and flavors. (Yes, I love pumpkin spice!) If you can’t bring yourself to put words on that blank page. Give yourself a break. Breath in the season. Tomorrow, that blank page will still be there, but you’ll also have a smile on your face, and the words will flow. 

And if they don’t? You have my permission to withhold that Pumpkin Spice Latte until the words come. 

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2 thoughts on “Fall Words?”

  1. My favorite time of year, but alas, in Texas the Fall season is little more than a deciduous retreat from the heat. To me, October is the promise of a few coming months of something better. But alas, that pocketful of mumbles just leaves me wondering where else to be.

    I seem to be able to write. I’m even seriously considering doing Nano this year (not a novel). I bought the Writers Write course, “Secrets of a Memoirist” (sounds like a novel title, right?). I will also be working through that when I have time, but no hurry. Then I want to begin repair work and plot hole filling on my memoir.

    So, I am thinking about this: doing two poems, one essay (about 1k words each), and one or two micro-fictions (100 words) from prompts each week. If I do Nano, add another 2k words a day and hating myself after two weeks (LOL). David sent something about Nano. I need to see if I can find it. I hope you are well. Maybe you’ll zoom tomorrow. 🙂 See ya.

  2. I’ve not been able to experience all four seasons (I live in tropical Malaysia), but if I did, I suspect my favourite one would be fall too. Texas sounds like a cool place, and I’ve been hearing a lot more about it since Joe Rogan moved there too. Thanks for this post!

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