Halloween All Year

It’s time for ghost stories and candy corn. I love both and I love them all year long. Since it’s now October, I can enjoy them with you.

Last year, as I walked the neighborhood, I grumbled at a few people with Christmas lights on their houses in the middle of the summer. And then I thought: What am I doing? If someone wants holiday decorations on their house all year around, why not? 

Last Halloween, I left a few decorations scattered around the house. They make me smile every day when I sit down to write. This year, I will leave more scattered around the house. 

I also love stories about ghosts, witches, vampires, and all the other creatures that lurk on Old Hallow’s Eve. I read about these folks all year.  

What about you? What items do you keep out that others smirk at?

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2 thoughts on “Halloween All Year”

  1. Tintin and all things referencing his books. Models of rockets and cars, statues of characters. People thing he’s for children but like a puppy he’s for life!

  2. For me, Halloween and October in general open the door to what I consider the “holiday season.” We have a few scattered “Fall” decorations, but nothing Halloween specific. Not yet. 🙂

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