NaNo Time

National Novel Writing Month starts 1 November. For the first time, I have character sketches and outlines ready. No one would call my notes a real outline, but the notes follow the traditional story arch and essential characters have distinctive voices.

Does this mean I’m going to smash fifty-thousand words into my new novel, Midnight Goblins Dance? No. I’ve never written fifty-thousand words in one month, but I’m going to have fun trying and writing with other writers. By the end of November, I will have lots of words added to Midnight Goblins Dance I don’t have written at this moment.

Are you taking part in NaNo 2021? Most write-ins and writing sprints are online (again) this year, but there are a few in-person events. I hope to see you at one of these events in person or online. If I don’t, drop me a line and tell me how your project is going.

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