Cheers to a Year of Free Fiction

I’m so excited! December is wrapping up to be my year of getting things done. 

1. Midnight in Line and Form (2nd edition) AND Midnight Bites are both submitted to online bookstores for release on 1 January 2022.

And yes, poor planning on my part: The links below are not updated. While the books are available for pre-order, my plan is to have all the links updated on 1 January.

2. You can’t see the links yet, but the website is ready to take subscriptions to deliver one (1) short story to subscribers every month for 2022. From 1 January through May, subscriptions are free. Once subscribed, you remain the chosen group of free subscribers. I’m loading the first six months into the website as you are reading this.

It feels odd writing 2022. Anyone else wondering where 2021 went?

Regardless of what happened in 2021, let us lift our glasses and say Cheers to a peaceful 2022. We deserve it after the past two years.

Next, I lift my glass to you with a promise of twelve short stories. I hope they will bring you some joy.

Joy and peace in the New Year.

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2 thoughts on “Cheers to a Year of Free Fiction”

  1. Woop woop, am looking forward to said link.

    And yes, it’s so scary that 2021 is over and I haven’t achieved much on the writing front. I can do more, and I hope to do so this year. Here’s to 2022!

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