Research Results

shallow focus photography of paintbrush

Still having fun playing with my homemade watercolor paints, but (sniff, sniff) I’ll never be a great painter. Okay, I’m not crying over it. I already knew I couldn’t paint. Need proof, just look at the picture of my final work.

This is the most painting I’ve done since grade school.

Hahahaha: Here’s the surprise, I’m taking this to the next step. I ordered a set of “real” watercolor paints and a book on how to watercolor paint. Painting was fun. I assume it will be more fun when I can make the paints look like something. 

On the fun scale, I put it up there with my beading projects, and like my beading skills, I will never be great at it, but I will always have fun doing it.

Still beading: One day, I might actually finish.

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