My March Challenge

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One of my goals for 2022: Crafting – a wonderful tool to keep the creative juices flowing. You’ve seen me post pics of a bit of the needlework I do and the wee garden I keep, but it’s time to expand – force the creative juices to flow in different directions. Don’t get me wrong, writing is my number one creative endeavor and remains number one. 

The more crafting I do, the more creative I am, the more I write. This is a fact – for me. What about you?

Image of book: Everyday Watercolor with a paint palette and pens
So, guess what new craft I’m trying. Go on. You get three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

I found this book, Everyday Watercolor by Jenna Rainy. She says I can learn the basics in 30 days. So, this is my March creative challenge. What will I do on day 31? Not sure. Maybe I’ll burn the evidence of my lack of painting skills.

In the meantime, here’s my latest needlework.

Bracelet made of purple beads.
Took forever. Sometimes my eyes just refused see all those tiny purple beads.

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2 thoughts on “My March Challenge”

  1. Slowly I turn to the shelf behind me and look at my 22 books about watercolor. My eyes scan the shelves of currently unused art supplies (drawing and w/c): unused paints, brushes, paper, pads, blocks, and sketchbooks. A pall of guilt taps gently on my mind. Deep sigh. Let me know how it goes, Kathrine. 🙂

  2. Whoa, watercolour is an interesting medium, but the research I’ve done has only resulted in exorbitant prices for ONE tube of colour. So I guess I’ll stick to doodling with pen and ink. Visual pursuits are a great addition to the creative life!

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