Out of the Cocoon

Wild Bluebonnets in bloom

Finally! After being stuck inside my house for eighteen days, I took a walk outside. Wonderful! Look at that bluebonnet. There’s a small patch of them at the entrance to my neighborhood. Yesterday, I groaned I would never again walk among the Texas Bluebonnets. 

Amazing what a simple walk will do for mind and body. My defective immense system may cause me too many hours lying around feeling miserable, but a day like today reminds me I’m still human. When I got home, I realize I’d stepped out of my enforced Spring cocoon and spread my human wings. 

To all my fellow PI (Primary Immunodeficiency) sufferers and anyone else feeling low or deluged with Spring Fever: Good days exist. My first bluebonnet picture of the season is here to prove it.

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