Time for April

Time flies

I intended to title today’s blog post: “Making up for lost time,” but typed it out, I’m struck by how it makes no sense.

First: How can time be lost? 

  • It’s not a thing to fall between cushions on the couch. 
  • It’ll never be found laying on the sidewalk or in the dryer next to the odd sock.
  • It can’t be tossed into a box for someone to pull out when looking for it.

Second: How can I make up time?

  • The time on my wrist computer/watch connects with the atomic clock in Greenwich, England. Entire nations are connected to the same clock.
  • Only people disconnected from any source of internet access can create their own system of time. (And none of them are reading this blog.)
  • We all agree, if only because we don’t object, to what time is. If I want to make-up time, every single person using this system of time must step backward and reset their clocks. Highly unlikely.

Now that I’ve wasted time explaining why the expression makes no sense, I can start today’s blog. 

Quarter 2 of my business cycle started this week. For most folks, it started on 1 April, but I like starting new things on a Monday. (It looks nice and neat in my calendar.)

I met all my goals for Quarter 1, but only just. A sinus infection in April slowed me way down: It did not slow the progression of time. While I’m not back at full operational capacity, I’m determined to keep on my master schedule goals. No doubt goals will change as the year progresses.

On schedule: 

  • Midnight Goblins Dance – in the drafting stage.
  • The Death of Mme Louise – on schedule for publication in May.
  • Short stories still flowing. This month’s free short story – Memories of a Kiss.
  • Marketing: My first BookFunnel newsletter campaign in process. Almost decided what new marketing challenge to do this quarter. Will keep you posted.

Disappointments? Yes, but they are part of life and give me something to push toward.

  • I didn’t finish my 30 day water color challenge. I’ll pick up where I left off this week. My fingers are crossed, I’ll have something worth showing in a month. 
  • I didn’t finish my 30 day Core Workout Challenge. So close! 27 days in a row before my sinuses brought me down. I’ll make the next one.

Are you celebrating any wins from Quarter 1? Plotting the overthrow of any disappointments from Quarter 1?

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