Ode to My Lovely Candy Colored Schedule

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Had a nice long talk with my beta reader the other day. He’d completed his read of The Death of Mme Louise. Once home, I looked at the lovely candy-colored schedule mapping out my year in writing, and all the pretty colors slithered off the page.

Did I cry? Hell, no! (Well, maybe a tear or two.)

Do I have a new lovely candy-colored schedule? Yes, I do! The value of a master plan – a.k.a. A lovely candy-colored schedule – surpasses the wee time to make it live. 

Fact: A lovely candy-colored schedule is a living thing requiring a little tender care each day. (A bit more than a pet rock.)

After a few adjustments to my lovely candy-colored schedule, I am on track with this year’s writing goals. 

The critique of The Death of Mme Louise was spot on. When I sent it to my beta reader, I hoped, more than expected, he would tell me about a few wee holes to fill. Can’t express how grateful I am to have a good beta reader. Plans are in place now to not only fill the holes in the novella, but to expand it into a novel or perhaps a series of novels.

Until then, according to my new lovely candy-colored schedule, I am completing the Midnight Whispers series.

Midnight Goblins Dance (tentative title): In process for an August release. 

Midnight Tides (tentative title): In research with narrative in process. This novel is little different from the previous books as it’s set Galveston, Texas – a few weeks before the 1900 Storm, but more on that later.

Today, I’m writing to remind you, as I had to remind myself, how important it is to allow yours your own candy-colored schedule to breathe. Relax, make changes, breathe, flow with what the world throws at you, and let your lovely candy-colored blend into even lovelier colors and be your guide – not your rule book.

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