Problems Lead to Solutions

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April and May have proven challenging. First, there was “the talk” with my beta reader regarding The Death of Mme Louise. While I’m exciting where the novel (no longer a novella) is going, it did through a kink in my lovely candy-colored schedule. And then, there is the unexpected but necessary remodel of the guest bath. Yes, I have good excuses for getting off my writing schedule, but I don’t. I allowed myself to accept these distractions as excuses. 

Problem: Me. I allowed it. Sure, decisions required my participation, but now? 

Solution: Me. I’m setting aside 21 days – just three weeks – to concentrate on returning to a workable schedule. 

Warning; You’ll hear/read me complaining about getting nothing done over the next three weeks, but it’s okay to complain. It makes me feel better. 

How about you? Easy/Hard to return to a workable schedule? 

What’s worse than contractors in and out of your house all day? No contractors in the house because they are waiting on other contractors to finish something.

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