Welcome June

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Seven days left in my 21 day writing challenge. The amount I’ve written isn’t worth talking about. However, it’s a new day in a new month, by next week (fingers crossed) I’ll have pics to share with you of not only a completed new bathroom but also a whole new workspace. 

It’s HOT here in Austin and it will get hotter as summer progresses. This is the time of year I envy all of you who live in northern climates. Please, complain to me about your hot days of 77F/25C temperatures. We’re hitting 100F/34C and it feels hotter with the humidity. I want to imaging glorious, sunny days with cool breezes instead of dreading doing anything that requires me to leave the house.

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Sing to the joys of central air conditioning!

And while you’re enjoying your central air or the breeze flowing through your garden room, enjoy a new read. (I am reading more now that I can’t get outside much.) Yes, I joined another groups of Urban Fantasy authors celebrating summer reading.

Books for sale.

Free summer reads.

Check it out by clicking here.

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  1. As a Malaysian, that’s 365 days of the year for me. And as someone who prefers cold weather, it’s something I can only dream of until I find a way to migrate, lol. Here’s to living with snow someday!

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