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So, did 21 days of single-minded work reform my daily writing habits? Kind of. Completed some major editing projects, but still managed just under 20 thousand words in June. I’m still not writing every day. Then again, I know I’m not the type to write every day. No matter what, I take one day a week to relax, read for pleasure, watch a movie (or two or three) and relax. When I give that up, I’m a mess. (Exception is NaNo. During a NaNo month, I’m cool with writing every day.)

Confirmed: The days I took time to exercise – even when all I had time for was a little yoga – I put words to paper. It seems all that advice out there about taking care of self is true, at least for me. I wish my body would let me exercise every day, but it doesn’t. Chronic health issues are a bitch. Every day is a new lesson in learning to live well.

It’s July! That means it’s time for Camp NaNoWriMo. Will Midnight Goblins get an ending? Cross your fingers, think good thoughts, or send me good luck. I so want to get this written.

If you’ve signed up for CampNaNo, look for at the website. We can cheer each other on. I’m easy to find at the NaNoWriMo site: L.K. Latham.

Need something new to read? Check out this group of Urban Fantasy reads. And yes, you will see Midnight Victories (the first book in the Midnight Whispers series)in that collection.

Or: Perhaps you’re interested in stocking up on some free reads.

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