Blurbs! GGGRrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Why is it something so short is so hard for me to write? Before I wrote a single scene of Midnight Goblins, I drafted long and short blurbs for it. Despite not wanting to do this, I followed advice thrown out there in the blogosphere, which said it was a smart thing to do. So far, it appears to be the smart thing to do.

While I expect the blurbs to morph as the novel develops, especially as completing the draft is my July CampNaNo challenge, these short blurbs about the novel are keeping me focused on why I’m writing Midnight Goblins. 

What’s your experience with writing blurbs? 

Do you write them before or after your story?

And speaking of blurbs, I’m curious what you think of these. They sound like they’re from different stories, but they’re all in one. Opinions? Anyone?

The XXX twins fight to remain true to themselves as their new world thrusts them apart. If they can realize their value as individuals, they can unify a divided world, saving it from itself.

The twins are thrust into a world they never knew existed. If they can’t find each other, a war will erupt, tearing apart not only the world they know but their new world. Each must learn to live apart if they expect to live together. 

CC agreed to meet the mysterious Mrs. Smith in Vegas, but she’s tired of waiting. She’s  ready to go home when she meets the XXX twins. They’re not human, but they act like ordinary teens. Before she discovers out more about them, magic strikes the casino, sending CC and Eugene into the Wilderness, a place she knows nothing about.

Eugene thought flying to Vegas would be the worst part of the trip, right behind having to see Mrs. Smith again, but it was worse. Spells are cast, sending them into the Wilderness – a place where magic rules, a red-haired human like CC, and a tattoos werewolves like Eugene is in danger from every one and every thing they meet.

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