From NaNo to Done

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Perhaps a better title for this blog: Take a breath. 

Drafting out a new book/story/blog is a lot like barfing up as many words as possible as quickly as possible. Real writing: Taking that barf and turning it into something someone wants to read. The real writing requires lots of hard work and energy.

I dedicated July to drafting Midnight Goblins as my CampNaNo project. The barf is still spilling, and I’m okay with that. Maybe I didn’t hit the number of words I wanted this month, but when I look at all the words I wrote for Midnight Goblins AND all the real writing required to complete two new and fun short stories, I’m feeling good. Today, I’m taking long, deep breaths, doing a little yoga, and saying, “I’m good where I am at this moment.”

Please take the time to do the same.

Yet another writer/friend of mine told me this week, “I just didn’t feel like putting in the words right now.” That’s okay, too. Sweltering heat is hitting large chunks of the world, and we’re all feeling a little down about it. We can’t get out and have fun. (In Texas, we’re also dealing with conflicting and violent social/political issues.) It’s enough to make a person feel like giving up. 

So, here, in case you need permission: Take a long, deep breath and be you. We’ll muddle through this heat wave, and maybe we’ll be a little wiser for it.

Another working day with friends.

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One thought on “From NaNo to Done”

  1. The more I barf, the more I learn how much my real writing comes from rewriting—and not the actual draft itself. You may be onto something here. When Jodi Picoult said ‘you can’t edit a blank page’, I’m sure she felt the same as well.

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