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I ran across an interview I conducted with a character who appears in two of the Midnight Whispers books. She’s a minor character who you might miss if you read fast, but she’s smart, witty, and a good friend to her family. As we sipped our coffees and chatted, I remembered why I liked her so much. Her account of the incident with CC in Midnight in Line and Form made me realize what an important event it was.

Her name is Jasmine. She’s one of Austin’s leading Event Coordinators. Her daughter, Lisa, is also her business partner. Without Jasmine’s help, I’m not sure Jackie, her sister, would have a business being saved by a vampire chef.

Interview with Jasmine

That woman! Threatening me? And after all I’ve done to help the church. I know better now. She was so very–over friendly, but she’s a Deacon, deserving of some respect. So am I. The way she turned into such a – a- a. I just can’t tell you how angry it made me.

And for what? Looking back, I don’t think CC knew why I yelled at her. In fact, I’m ashamed to say she didn’t what that b-b-b-woman did to me. CC is a good person. You remember her, the redheaded woman cleaning up after the party at the Mugello house? 

CC was, I’m ashamed to say, obviously spying. Does that make her a bad person? I don’t think so. But what was she looking for?

I’m so confused. It’s times like this I wish my brother was still with us. He was always so logical and serious. I’m sure he would know what to do.

That poor girl. CC was in such a state after I yelled at her to get out of the house, blaming her for that woman’s deeds. CC was in a terrible accident. I pray she’ll be okay. I went to the hospital. The nurse wouldn’t let me see her, but her husband came out. Such a handsome young man, and sweeter than honey. I told them I was praying for her and to call me if he needed anything. I hope he calls. I hope I have time to apologize to CC. 

But what do I do about that woman?

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