Midnight Bites

Image of cover for Midnight Bites

A vampire, a werewolf, and a detective walk into a bar. .. No joke, this team is out for more than blood. They’ll keep the peace, or everyone will leave in pieces.  What choice do they have?

If Catherine Carson has learned one thing about living with werewolves and vampires: nothing is what it seems. She thought she understood unHumans, but a new monster has moved into town. It’s going to take more than her investigative skills to catch it.

Eugene’s in Austin chasing the very monster that got her kicked out of Vegas. If the monster doesn’t kill her, she might stay in Austin. Then again, there are other monsters in this town, and she’s not sure that she’s not one of them. If she accepts her new city, she’ll keep evil at bay and rise to new heights, but does she want to be part of the system that banished her from her first love.