Work in Progress: Midnight in Line and Form Part 1

This novel continues with the world of Mary Midnight. Creatures of the night pervade the story as a young woman finds herself drawn into their world through an unlikely hero and lover.

Kitten Carlyle has the perfect life in Austin, Texas. She has the perfect job, the perfect home, and the perfect part-time boyfriend. But now she spends her nights with Harry Reign, an extraordinary, reclusive artist, and one of the Eldest of the vampires. The more time she spends with Harry, the more like the vampires she becomes. The secrets hidden inside his dark, beckoning eyes, reveal a power she could never imagine. It’s a frightening world, and she embraces the thrill of living even while dying.

Anthony Mugello and Harry created a city haven in Austin between light and dark, where un-humans can live in safety alongside humans. But Hunters threaten to destroy it all. Anthony stand as bait, as his right hand Cesar De LaRosa readies his forces to defend their city, but just as they think they have the upper hand, a new Eldest makes herself known.

In the chaotic back and forth to gain control of Austin, only the voice of Mary Midnight, whispering over the airwaves, hints at any hope for humans and un-humans to find peace.