Work in Progress: Midnight Goblin’s Dance

It was an ordinary birthday, except for the magic shaking the casino, friends turning into goblins, and falling into another world. How can happenings like this stay in Vegas?

Eugene thought the worst part of the Vegas trip would be the flight. It got worse. Now, she doesn’t know where she is, she’s spelled into a wolf, and gone are her beautiful tattoos? What in the seven worlds does a werewolf have to do to get a break?

The twins know they’re special but don’t how special until their birthday deals them and the city of Las Vegas with more than a bad hand. 

Cesar knew the risk of meeting in Vegas, but he didn’t expect the world to fall apart. He fights for more than his life when he lets his guard down. The casino is attacked, his friends are missing, and someone’s trying to kill more than him. It’s time to put away the nice guy image and let the inner vamp out.  

Before peace can return to the seven worlds, the twins must learn how different they are, Cesar must wrestle control away from the witches, and Eugene must to find tattoos.

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