Midnight Whispers Series

Cover of Voices of Midnight
Cover of Midnight Victories
Cover of of Midnight in Line and Form
Cover of Midnight Bites

Are there monsters hiding in the night?  Is that a shadow in the darkness just out of sight?  Does anyone really walk alone when the moon is shining bright?

Listen to the whispers floating in the air. One voice guides the hearts of those brave enough to listen. Join Mary Midnight as she walks the streets of cities, lonely country lanes, the sands between sea and shore, and the tides between worlds spinning just out of sight. She’s always there, just behind you. Careful, or you’ll see her. 

Listen to her stories of the restless, the wicked, and those who dance in the shadows of the moon. Listen to her whispers, and see the morning sun. Ignore her and witness the last moonrise in this world.

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