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During our quarantine I’ve been taking all free online webinars and courses on writing I find. There is always something to learn, even in the simplest of courses. The most important thing I’ve learned: Nothing is too simple to relearn. After almost every course, I open a project and see it in a fresh light. Great fun! 

 So much writing to do! Where to start? 

Here are sites/courses you, too, may find useful:

From the folks at ProWritingAid:

Writers of the Future Online Workshop:

For non-writing interest, check your local museums and/or historical groups. With most of my stories these days taking place in Austin and Galveston, you know I’m keen on learning all I can.)

In Austin, TX the Bob Bullock Museum is offering their online course for free. Admittedly, the guides designed the classes or school children, but I’m learning new things about Texas:

The Galveston Historical Society offers webinars on the history and sights of this historical city:

For those reading the Midnight Whispers series, book four is in progress and is priority number one.

Midnight Whispers available now.


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  1. Cool. Bookmarking this post.
    Do you use Writers Write daily writing links? It is sent as an email. I enjoy them. Each email has a lesson of some kind, some humor, a quote by some known writer, and new word definition, and a prompt. They also do 30 prompts for each day of the month on the first day.

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